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Program Ford Explorer 2016 All Smart Keys Lost by OBD

How to program Ford Explorer 2016 smart key when all keys lost using  Auro OtoSys IM100 /IM600 key programmer. Select IMMO>Auto detect->Manual selection->Ford->USA->Explorer->2011-2015->Smart key->Keyless System (CAN)->All smart keys lost...

How to Add Remote Key to Nissan Navara by Super SBB2

I’ve just added a 2-button remote key on a Nissan Navara by using  Super SBB2 key programmer , very fast.   Hook up SBB2 host with vehicle via main test cable Select Immobilizer function->Nissan->ZZNissan Loading scan bin…...

How to read BMW ISN code from CAS3+ by OBD

Here is little tutorial on getting ISN from BMW CAS3+ encrypted file with Xhorse VVDI2 BMW key programmer for all keys lost.     Tool required: VVDI Prog  or  R270  programmer (Read CAS3+ encrypted file) VVDI2 BMW  with latest software...

How to Update Xtool X-100 Pad to V2.3.6

The latest app software of  XTOOL X100 PAD  Tablet Key Programmer with special function software app released to V2.3.6 in June 2017.   Free Download Xtool X100 Pad V2.3.6 C56.apk!Xp8CELqC!HgNf6pJuTXC0MaF6Hj9euQnzn7tbrao15QCQFG0ko5c  ...

Program Dodge Grand Caravan 06 All Keys Lost by OBDSTAR X300 Pro

  Dodge grand caravan 2006 all keys lost success by OBDSTAR key master ( OBDSTAR X300 pro3  as well) read pin code by epromm adapter. Some test photos:  
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