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How to update Benz C6 Xentry Diagnostic VCI Firmware

dave1987 | 23 October, 2018 05:22

How to update and configure VXDIAG Benz C6 firmware Xentry 05.2018.

Look here: Allscanner Benz C6 New Update
Allscanner released XENTRY Diagnosis VCI (C6) driver for XENTRY XDOS 2018.05
How to update Benz C6 VCX firmware to version
When you finish installation and configuration of  XENTRY XDOS 2018.05, pls install VX Manager and do settings as follows:
1. update VCX firmware version to

2. update DoIP firmware version to 1.3.1

3. install BENZ C6 driver

How to configure VXDIAG Xentry Diagnostic VCI C6 diagnostic tool:
Note: you should follow the steps below to setup the diagnostic device, if you install XENTRY yourself
1. open ConfigAssist and click on XENTRY Diagnosis VCI
2. click on ConfigAssist

3. continue
4. continue
5. cannot detect StartKey? Click on Manual setup to enter the StartKey
6. save the key data and click on Application and then continue

7. click on Application, continue

8. complete Benz C6 configuration. Exit

Reboot your laptop after configuration!!!
The icon will be displayed on your Desktop, if  you manage to do the configuration and have success with Benz C6 connection to the laptop.

How to setup MIni ELM327 Bluetooth software on Phone and PC

dave1987 | 18 October, 2018 07:22

Bluetooth Mini ELM327 1.5 OBDII code reader with power switch comes with best PCB real PIC18F25K80  supports all OBDII protocols.

Top reasons to get our bluetooth elm327 V1.5 with power switch:
1. The best quality double board with real chips PIC18F25K80
Work as stable as possible and support more car models!
2. Firmware version V1.5, supports all obd2 protocols, including SAE J1850, than FW V2.1
To support additional protocols and car models!
3. He understands commands such as ATPPS and others.
4. with switch on / off switch:
To prevent the need to permanently disconnect your unit from the OBDII port .
5. supports all actions elm327, in the program ELM327 identifier, it shows the Complete functions.
100% real PIC18F25K80 chips Red/Green Dual board display:
Mini ELM327 v1.5 Features:
— Version: FW V1.5, SW V2.1 
— Compatible OS: android / symbian / win7 32 bit / win xp 
—- Chips: Real PIC18F25K80
— MAC address: AA: BB: CC: 11: 22: 33.
— OBD-II protocols are supported: 
1. SAE J1850 PWM (41.6 KBO) 
2. SAE J1850 VPW (10.4 KBO) 
3. iso9141-2 (5 baud init, 10.4 kbaud) 
4. ISO14230- 4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 kbaud) 
5. ISO14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4 KBO) 
6. ISO15765-4 can (11bit ID, 500 kbaud) 
7. ISO15765-4 can (29bit ID, 500 kbaud) 
8. ISO15765-4 can (11bit ID, 250 kbaud) 
9. ISO15765-4 can (29bit ID, 250 kbaud) 
A. SAE J1939 can (29bit ID, 250 * Kbaud) 
B. USER1 CAN (11 * bit ID, 125 * kbond) 
C. USER2 CAN (11 * bit ID, 50 * kbond) 
* Default settings (user adjustable)
ELM327 Mini scan tool Functions:
Read diagnostic trouble codes, both general and specific from the manufacturer, and display their meaning (more than 3000 common code definitions in the database).
Display of sensor data in real time, including:
* Car Speed
* Rpm
* Fuel consumption *
* Engine Coolant Temp
* Fuel Pressure
* Engine load calculation
* Throttle positions
* Intake manifold Pressure
* Temp air intake
* Advancing
* Mass air flow
* Fuel level
* Atmosphere pressure
* EVAP vapor pressure system
* Fuel trim
Mini ELM327 Bluetooth Car List:
This elm327 can usually work on most new cars with an OBD 16pin Aadapter and a 12V engine:
For the US car brand, after 1996;
For Europe, the automobile brand (Petrol), after 2001;
For Europe car brand (Diesel), after 2004;
For Japan / Korean car brand, after 2002;
For the Chinese car brand, after 2009;
For the Indian car brand, after 2010;
For the Russian car brand, after 2011;
Fit for Chrysler, fit for Ford, fit for GM, fit for jeep; 
Fit for Alfa Romeo, fit for SAAB, fit for Acura, fit for Opel, fit for Audi, fit for seat, fit for Peugeot, fit for Renault, fit for Bentley, fit for Skoda, fit for Daewoo, fit for Benz, fit for Daihatsu, suitable for Land Rover, Suitable for BMW, suitable for Vauxhall, suitable for Citroen, suitable for Volvo, suitable for Fiat, suitable for VW, suitable for Ford, suitable for a jaguar; 
Fit for Kia, fit for Isuzu, fit for Honda, fit for mitsubishi, fit for hyundai, fit for Dacia, fit for Lexus, fit for Mazda, fit for Nissan, fit for Subaru, fit for Suzuki, fit for Toyota;
* For Lada / VAZ / UAZ, please, do not buy a car if your car is before 2011. 
* For Ssangyong Car, please do not buy if your car is before 2008. 
* For a Renault Dacia Logan car, please do not buy if your car is before 2009.
How to install Torque App for Mini ELM327 scanner with power switch?
1. Install OBDII
2.Install Android Software Torque-v1.5.58.apk
Location:CR-ROM-OBD Software-OBDII Phone system software-Bluetooth OBD system-For Android-Torque
Copy software to Phone from CD
Install software
Search OBDII Bluetooth
Connection OBDII
Enter pair password “1234”
Connection success
4.Run software
Click Menu button setting Bluetooth connection
ELM327 is also compatible software for PC/laptop
PC show:
How to solve Bluetooth mini ELM327 commom problems?
Question 1:
Question 2:
Question 3:


Program Ford Explorer 2016 All Smart Keys Lost by OBD

dave1987 | 08 October, 2018 04:46

How to program Ford Explorer 2016 smart key when all keys lost using Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 key programmer.

Select IMMO>Auto detect->Manual selection->Ford->USA->Explorer->2011-2015->Smart key->Keyless System (CAN)->All smart keys lost







This function will delete all learned smart keys. Press YES to continue.
Turn the ignition swicth to ON position with engine OFF.
This procedure will takes 10 minutes.

Configuring the system
All keys have been erased

Insert smart key to be learned into the slot
Learning key

1st key learning success
Repeat procedure above to learn next key
Remove the smart key from the slot

Insert 2nd smart key to be learned into the slot

2nd key learning success
If need to learn more keys, repeat procedure above, otherwise press No.

Learning completed.


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