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Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 Review on Subaru Crosstrek

dave1987 | 14 June, 2019 05:09

I just picked up the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508. probably similar in operation, although the TS408 does not have an OBDII port/cable for relearning like the 508, which worked fine to relearn my Method wheels on my 2019 Limited with Auzone pro-sensors (same as OEM). Be sure to check Autel website for Firmware updates. You simply scan the sensors, and then download to the ECM with the OBDII cable included after installing and/or rotating. I believe only option with the 408 is to clone OEM sensors to Autel MX sensors.


Recently switched to Method 502 wheels and BFG AT KO2's in LT215/75-15 size.

Purchased from along with TPMS sensors and was able to use the TS508 without issue. The sensors provided are AUZONE pro-sensors (433Mhz) type and are equivalent to Subaru OEM sensors. 

Prior to programming I updated the tool firmware from Autel's support site.
I used the Relearn function and simply scanned the sensors in sequence from LF, RF, RR, LR and then write the sensor ID's to the ECM using the OBDII cable included. It then verifies the sensor ID's and positions match the vehicle ECM, and clears the DTC codes and TPMS light. 
After driving about 5 or 6 miles the DIC was displaying pressures properly, as I'm running my BFG's at 42 front and 40 rear. 

Not sure if relearning is necessary at tire rotation or if the positions will update automatically but I'll find out in 3000 miles when I rotate. 







Last pic shows s/w revisions after updating from Autel website.

If you go with Autel MX sensors you can simply clone your OEM sensors to run two sets of wheels without relearning at each tire swap.



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