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Launch CRP423, Autel MD808, CRP123 Which is better?

dave1987 | 14 March, 2019 04:25

Here makes a comparison table of some universal OBDII diagnostic code scanners to help users make qucik decesion.

CRP423 vs. Maxidiag MD808 Pro vs. Innova 3160G

Innova 3160G

Customer Rating
 4.4 / 5
 3.9 / 5
 4.1 / 5



Oil Reset






Injector coding

One-click Free Update via WiFi
Update online
Free update online
English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Russian/ Japanese/ Portuguese
English,French ,Spanish ,
German ,Dutch,Swedish,
Polish ,
Korean , Italian 
English, French, Spanish
$195 free shipping
$265 Free Shipping
$268 Free Shipping
1.Fast operations thanks to the A5 processor.
2. 2-year warranty.
3. Supports multiple languages.
4. One click update, screenshot, and diagnostic report.
5. Prints diagnostic reports online.
1.Access modules (audio, body, accessory protocol interface and air conditioner).
2.Lifetime free updates.
3.Auto VIN detection
4.Data can be printed off the device by using the Maxi PC suite.
5. Works very fast
1.User-friendly for the DIYer.
2.Has a large colored display screen for showing the results
3.Bluetooth App Compatibility
4. Can reset ABS/oil/SRS/Battery Maintenance Lights, or Initialize Batteries
1.Doesn’t support ABS bleed function.
2.Cannot reprogram key fob.
1.Slows down when viewing graphs.
2.Must be updated first before use.
3.Doesn’t support bi-directional controls.
4.Doesn’t offer TFT.
1.Price is going to be a little higher.
2.To connect OBD1 you can have Accessories OBD1 Adapter or OBD1 Extension Cable

Launch CRP 423 vs. CRP123
Scanner functions the same, but differs in vehicle coverage.

In conclusion:

If you want to diagnose ABS and SRS related issues in your car, then consider getting Launch CRP423. It offers a mix of advanced and basic features such as smog inspection, the freeze frame, read and clear CEL, etc.
MD808 pro supports more language and systems (DPF, SAS etc) than the other two code readers. 

For the price, CRP423 lives on the top.



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