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Foxwell NT520 Land rover ABS Brake Bleeding Procedure

dave1987 | 12 March, 2019 04:03

It's time again to flush the brakes on my truck ('99 Discovery II). I've always done it the old fashioned way described in the RAVE and had good success, but I'd like to try another method this time.  Does anyone have instructions about bleeding the brakes with the computer or a diagnostic tool? Do you just open the bleeder screw and activate the modulator one corner at a time until new brake fluid comes out? I'll welcome any pointers. Thanks.


The Foxwell NT510 (now NT520 Pro) does an excellent job of modular bleeding and power bleeding the ABS with step by step instructions...

Go to Special function->Braking bleeding->Modulator bleed and follow scanner prompts. 

Note: Need to register the device online, made an account, downloaded the foxwell program and updated your device with the appropriate Land Rover software. It is easy. 




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