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BMW E F Scanner V2018.12 Driver Installation Tips

dave1987 | 18 January, 2019 03:29


The latest and most stable software version of BMW E/F Scanner goes to V2018.12.  Here provides software download for free.
Free Download 2018.12 BMW E/F Scanner driver, software and manual 
File including


Software version: BMW-Explorer V 18.12.03
Added new versions of  SWFL for FEM/BDC and DME/DDE
Fixed programming FEM/BDC/EGS/DME/DDE
Operating system: Windows 7 – Windows 10
Language: Russian /English
Function: Full version supports BMW Diagnosis + IMMO key programming + Mileage Correction + Coding
Full Version Feature:
1.Basic features module
3. E-series Coding module
3.E-series CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+  mileage Reset
4.E-series keyprog module
5.FEM/BDC mileage module
6.F-series mileage correction module
7. FLASH calibration READ/WRITE calibrations for F and G series models
8. ISN reset for F-series HP8 gearbox
9. FEM/BDC keyprog module
10. ISN MSx8x (SIEMENS) for BMW
11. F-Coding module
12. Tricore module for BMW
13. CAS4 CAS4+ F-series keyprog module with F-ISN

How to install BMW E/F Scanner V2018.12 driver?
Select the computer, and then right-click, select Manger
Open  Device Manager
Quickly we click two times on USB Serial Port
We choose the bookmark Driver and we press on Update Driver
Further we choose Browse my computer for driver software and we press the Browse button
Further we Choose a directory where there are drivers for the adapter (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\BMW_Explorer\Drivers\FTD2XX)

After the choice of drivers we press Next
We wait for the end of installation of the driver and we press Close
After successful installation we will see the Adapter (USB Serial Port COMXX) in Device Manager



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