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How to update Benz C6 Xentry Diagnostic VCI Firmware

dave1987 | 23 October, 2018 05:22

How to update and configure VXDIAG Benz C6 firmware Xentry 05.2018.

Look here: Allscanner Benz C6 New Update
Allscanner released XENTRY Diagnosis VCI (C6) driver for XENTRY XDOS 2018.05
How to update Benz C6 VCX firmware to version
When you finish installation and configuration of  XENTRY XDOS 2018.05, pls install VX Manager and do settings as follows:
1. update VCX firmware version to

2. update DoIP firmware version to 1.3.1

3. install BENZ C6 driver

How to configure VXDIAG Xentry Diagnostic VCI C6 diagnostic tool:
Note: you should follow the steps below to setup the diagnostic device, if you install XENTRY yourself
1. open ConfigAssist and click on XENTRY Diagnosis VCI
2. click on ConfigAssist

3. continue
4. continue
5. cannot detect StartKey? Click on Manual setup to enter the StartKey
6. save the key data and click on Application and then continue

7. click on Application, continue

8. complete Benz C6 configuration. Exit

Reboot your laptop after configuration!!!
The icon will be displayed on your Desktop, if  you manage to do the configuration and have success with Benz C6 connection to the laptop.


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