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BMW R1200GS 2015 Motorcycle Key Programming Solution

dave1987 | 15 February, 2019 04:38


BMW R1200GS year 2015 Motorcycle
Purpose: Add a spare key. Have original key in hand
Chip type:4D70
ECU: Bosch ME17.2 BMSX
First Try:
Copy key with original key using key copy machines. Try many key copier JMD Handy baby IICN900Keydiy etc, some can read chip type but ALL failed to copy key.
Second Try:
Try IMMO Off method
Remove the ECU.  It is a Bosch BMSX type ECU.
Follow Ktag master wiring to read Bosch ME17.2 BMSX IROM TC1797 BMW (P452)



Read data quickly
Immo off and write back to ECU
Nothing changes 2 days later.
Immo off failed.
Third Try:
Read immo data to to write key
Load data to TangoVVDI2TM100 key programmers, all failed to write key.
These devices support old BMW motorbikes with 46 chip only.  None will write a 4D70 chip key.
Last Try:
Finnaly I was told by some motorcycle experts,  the TMPro2 (Transponder Maker Pro) is a motor beast.
So got my TMPro2 ordered here:


Device is very clean and simple. A main unit, a few connectors and an eeprom adapter.
Visit the official website, download device software and got it well installed.

Directly connect device with laptop via USB port, don’t need extra power supply.
Software is multi-language available (Bulgarian, English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, Serbian, Italian, Czech, Chinese, Greek, Turkish and Romanian). Here I tested the Chinese version.
There are 211 software modules available currently, including 38 Motorbike modules.

It is said that it is THE ONLY tool in the world that can make key for keyless BMW motorbikes.
Device does come with some FREE functions:  read chip information, read and write EEPROMS 93cXX, 24cXX, 25cXXX, 95cXXX, S29190, X5328, Motorola 912 / 9S12, Microchip PIC18F252, read Motorola HC805P18 (need adapter), unlock Megamos Crypto ID48 chip and change mileage on BMW CAS FEM/BDC.
It can still used as a chip programmer if don’t buy any software module.
There are several BMW motorbike modules depends on years.
For R1200GS, you need to purchase module 191.
For BMSX or BMS2K or BMSMP ECU – to see where keys are stored you must check what is on ignition barrel.
If there is IMMOBOX UNIT – keys are stored in this unit but not in ECU.


Purcshe the license from the again. They got it activated very quickly.
Then follow the wiring diagram to connect

Read the immo data and load data to TMPro2 transponder key programmer to write key (same procedure to add key and make all keys lost).
Result: successfully add a workingn new key using tmpro.
Total cost: a new key ($400 from ebay)+ TMPro2 device 200 Euro or so+ 191 Module 1200 Euro
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JDiag Elite II Pro J2534 Review on Nissan Benz etc

dave1987 | 14 February, 2019 03:02


How do users think of JDiag Elite II Pro J2534? Is it good or not?
Here, real reviews collected from forums. Hope it helps you out.
1. tested with Nissan
works perfect with Nissan consult III Plus software, already tested with many Nissan cars.
This requires windows 7 64-bit on the laptop to work with the consult III plus software
it worked perfect to reprogram my infiniti, also tested on other nissans.
2. coding perfectly with BMW x3
I have in my workshop a 2016 BMW X3 xDrive35i
MPG: 19 city, 26 hwy.
3.0 L, 6 cyl, Automatic (S8), Turbo: 19 city / 26 hwy with coding problems, I used the software ucandas, delphi, injectoclean, otc, the bmw software that I have has coverage until 2010.
JDiag Elite II Pro can help me with coding.
3. multi-brand available in the full version
Full version is able to work with multi-brands, but Porsche only edition is work with Porsche cars, not able to work with other cars.
I have the full version off
4. price inviting
 The price is very good. In Opel, Ford, VAG and Xentry, it works.
It's 20% off at
5. work with OEM software
Work with the OEM software, Honda HDS, Toyota techstream, vw ODIS etc, u need install the OEM software firstly, then install JDiag Elite II driver, and config the VCI in software configuration page. Then able to use it.
6. work with Nissan Consult iii plus
To setup Jdiag Elite to work with Nissan consult III Plus:
Install Nissan Consult iii plus software, then install jdiag driver, all finished.
7. work for diagnostics and programming
Both diagnostics and programming available
8. work with Porsche PIWIS II
The JDiag Elite II VCI is compatible with PIWIS II Software v18.150 latest version well tested.
9. work with Japanese cars
Perfect with cars made in Japan
Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Nissan, infiniti, GTR, Subaru (immo and programming only)
10. work with Mercedes W205 w222
JDiag is able to work with both W205 and W222 no problem via Xentry Passthru, i upload the test screen shot but im sorry W205 that's in Chinese..


Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 Pin Code Reading by OBDSTAR

dave1987 | 12 February, 2019 06:00

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS another success: read pin code on a Chevrolet Tahoe year 2016 no problem.


Select Immobilizer->GM->GM V31.18->Read PinCode->By OBDII->By BCM System->Auto->pre-2016




This function is available by connecting the server. Make sure you have enabled network connection.
Read 4-digit pin code success


2009 Chevrolet HHR key programming with GM Tech2

dave1987 | 29 January, 2019 03:28


Success! Have tested Tech 2 clone for 2009 Chevrolet HHR key fob!
The detail… Here you go.
Install the GM Tech 2 scan tool
Turn ON the ignition with the engine OFF
Power On the Scan Tool
Hit Enter

Vehicle identification – Model Year > (9) 2009

Vehicle identification – Product Type > Passenger Car

Vehicle identification – Product Make > (1) Chevrolet

Vehicle identification – Product Line > A

Diagnostics > F1: Body

Body> F5: Remote Control Door Lock Receiver
Remote Control Door Lock Receiver > F5: Module Setup
Module Setup > F1: Program Key Fobs

Program Key Fobs > F0: Invalidate all key fobs
The procedure will replace the previously programmed key fob with the key fob requiring programming.
(Follow Instructions, if it don’t work repeat entire procedure)


All desired key fobs must be present.
When the first key fob is programmed, the module will erase the rest of the slots.
The module will fill slots until [Done] or [Exit] is selected.
Note: Only select [Start] once. If the procedure is started again, the control module will start over.
Job’s done!


Not possible to start Tech Tool Error Solution

dave1987 | 28 January, 2019 03:08


Tech Tool Log In:
Not possible to start Tech Tool
It is not possible to start Tech Tool. An update of your user profile is required but connection to central systems is currently unavailable. Please retry later.
Volvo Tech Tool tech support:
It means your tech tool expires.
You’re advised to get a Volvo tech tool lifetime version



Volvo Tech Tool 2.7.25 is the latest official version
No password required
Never expired!
FREE installation and activation help is ready for you
Longtime use once it’s activated
Tested successfully by real experts working for
Volvo Tech Tool 2.7 released notes:
Tech Tool 2.7.25 test reports and installation help:
Premium Tech Tool version 2.5 will expire March 2019. Please update to the current version to avoid interruption.
Premium Tech Tool 2.7.25 is the latest version confirmed to work perfectly!
Question and answers:
What’s the difference between Tech tool from the official and
The difference lies in the expiration; that is, time for use.
The official subscription will expire and you need re-activation, while the one from has no expiration issues!
But there is no functional difference between the two.
The official program must be the best solution.
However, if you have a budget limit and look for a decent program for use, it’s good to have Tech Tool from the third-party
Note: you might be able to get Tech tool for free from a forum. But usually, it’s a trial version and the program will expire. and need money for activation or subscription. KEEP AWAY FORM FREE TECH TOOL FROM FORUMS. You never know the issues you will have after subscription and have no tech support.
You option should be: the official, then online shops, then forums
Note: The following questions and answers is for official tech tool:
How often does the Premium Tech Tool login password expire?
The Premium Tech Tool password expires every 180 days.
How do I get the latest version of PTT?
Dealers may contact support at 877.978.6586. Customers should check their subscription data in eMedia center. If the subscription is active, please contact the Support IT for a copy of PTT. If your subscription has expired, please order a PTT sub renewal from the eMedia center


VCI Pod and DRB III for Chrysler 300M ABS Bleeding

dave1987 | 23 January, 2019 03:19


Here’s something good i found when i bled ABD for my 300M. Very useful…. Hope it works for you guys also.
Complaints i posted in
I noticed something with my car that I wanted to comment on since “testing” my ABS for the first time this season. After arriving to school just in time for a final I put my foot down hard on the brake while pulling into the gravel lot, which was frozen over just like a skating rink. As I fully anticipated the ABS came on and was effective. However, once I came to a complete stop the pedal went soft and I had to pump it 6 or 7 times before it firmed back up (no jokes please). I have noticed my brake pedal is a little softer than most other LH cars I have driven but I have never noticed variance like this after ABS braking. I am very familiar with braking using ABS in my car and I think this is something abnormal.
Tips I got from user97:
Did the fluid level drop — if it did, then you probably got a leak somewhere and air in the system.
If the fluid level is OK but pedal is softer after ABS engagement, there is a possibility that a valve in the ABS system did not close fully.
In order to provide anti-lock capability, ABS unit has the ability to isolate any wheel from the M/C pressure as well as relieve the pressure into a temporary storage (accumulator). The ABS pump then pumps the excess fluid back into the M/C (hence pedal pulsing).
There is a possibility that the valve on one wheel has not completely closed and allows bleeding into the “accumulator”. As ABS system is not engaged, the pump will not start to empty the accumulator. So you are basically compressing the accumulator spring before any significant brake action on that circuit would commence. Accumulator has a rather small volume, so it would reach capacity pretty quickly. I noticed that there is a significant amount of rust that builds up in the brake fluid as the lines rust from inside due to moisture accumulation. May be a flake of rust got stuck in the valve and provides a miniscule leak into accumulator. ABS monitors state of the valves — anything significant would trigger an ABS fault.
It might be something else, like M/C leaking internally past pistons. But on the off chance, I would exercise ABS a few more times. Valve action would most likely cure the issue if it is the problem.
Search on Youtube and there is some video that illustrates ABS HCU operation
(AFAIK, on our cars ABS controls rear wheels independently rather than as a pair).
Playing with DRB III, you discover how potent ABS system is. When running ABS HCU test, it instructs you to apply pressure to the brake (with engine off/booster bled). Then ABS valves open up, filling up accumulators. It is very impressive — pedal falls to the floor without any resistance. As the next stage of the test, it closes the valves and turns on the pump, which literally pumps the pedal back to the original state. While I knew how ABS worked in general terms, I never realized the degree to which ABS could potentially interfere with normal brake system. No wonder, the unit is designed to be so fail safe, as to prevent such failures (turns itself off at the slightest sign of trouble).
Normally, there should be no need to bleed ABS, as long as MC was never run dry, you should be OK. I would be careful about sucking fluid out of MC — a little is OK, just make sure that neither half gets empty to prevent air injection.
On a side note, for DRB iii, you’d better use VCI Pod, NOT the clone Micropod 2 (even the high quality SP271-C1 cannot work good with DRB emulator. ) look here: tested on 300M. VCI Pod says yes but Micropod2 clone cannot work….


How to flash frf or sgo with VCP 5.5.1 clone?

dave1987 | 22 January, 2019 03:14


There is an example of how to flash frf/sgo with VCP 5.5.1 and VAN CAN PRO china clone cable. It works for the BCM as well…
Flashing car’s components can consume a lot of electric power, hence the charger.
Flashed RCD510 firmware a while back. Took more than 2 hours, despite the file being a few MB… Flashed steering rack to modify characteristic curve took only a minute. So better be safe than sorry!
Clone vag can pro or original:
Clone is Version 5.5.1. Genuine is actualy Version 8.x
You are limited with some tasks, but it can be used to flash some cars components for a good price. Has some guided functions, but again, limited…
As for the battery charger, the risk is yours. The Car battery should not drop below 12V when flashing.
Usually, supply 13.6V fixed voltage 10Amps-20Amps to the battery (you have to disable DRLs, radio off, and HVAC off always)
The process: for BCM flash
Basically: Open VCP > Click “More” > “Confort” > “Central Electric” > “Flasher” > “Open File” > Choose “VAS Firmware” and select your file .frf / .sgo > Press “Flash .sgo” > Wait…





Steps in detail to flash frf/sgo with VAG CAN Pro VCP software:
VCP Flash Dumper allows you to create a binary images of .odx, .frf or .sgo Flash files.
The data format (unencrypted / encrypted or uncompressed / compressed) does not change, which means that an encrypted Flash file is also converted to an encrypted binary file.
You can launch this application via Guided Functions (OCF) – APPS – Flash Dumper.

Select a Flash file (1).
Define file type (2) if necessary:
VCP Firmware, VAS Firmware, ASAM Firmware, ODIS Firmware
The contents of the selected Flash file will be displayed in a list (3).
Move (Export; 4) the file to an appropriate location.
It will be stored as a .BIN file and can be edited as necessary.
Hoping you’ll succeed..!
Good luck


Fgtech V54 firmware 0475 Review: Any good?

dave1987 | 21 January, 2019 03:20

This is for those who are looking for a new Fgtech 4 firmware 0475, released in the year 2019.
The reasons why you should have 2019 Fgtech 4 fw 0475 instead of the old fw 0386:
1: Components improvement
2: Better operating systems compatibility
3: New vehicles & ECUs coverage
4: Security – Tested successfully
Part 1: Components improvement
FGTECH 4 FW 0475 EU version has been improved a lot in the PCB.


  1. Old components fixed: more stable:
FGTECH 4 FW 0475 EU version fixed all unstable problems and errors which FW 0386 had.
The engineers have corrected MCU, EEPROM , Relay, Resistance, Led, Solder, Pin, Capacitor
2. New components added: Tricore supported
FGTECH 4 FW 0475 EU version adds new components, best usb bridge and relays.
Work well with OBD / BDM / Boot / Tricore,
But FW 0386 is not good at Tricore.
  1. Original components used:
The board comes with original FR232 USB bridge and relays.
Part 2: Better operating systems compatibility
The old FGTECH 4 0386 can only work well with Windows XP.
But the new FW 0475 EU version supports more OS :
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 7 32bit and 64bit
Look here: Galletto V54 Windows 7: Confirmed! Use with relief and security!
Network: available. you can use it with network connected!
Anti-virus software: closed! please close all anti-virus sw on your PC before install!
Steps to install Gellatto V54 for Fgtech 4 clone fw 0475:
step 1: run v55 for 0475 all win.EXE
step 2: copy Evo.dll and mfc42.dll to C:/Program Files/fgtech v54 – win 7
Attach: galletto v54 download link!51FjSTKA!TwIeJRQGHW6ABU3htne-HUVg_UnMtPG2uTxD1REZkIA
Password : cooked2017
You have to know: the galletto v54 link above only tested successfully with the new fgtech 4 firmware 0475. you’re not advised to try it with the old fgtech – HIGH RISK!!!!!!!! you have to try it at your own risk and no one hold any responsibility!
This is for your information.
FGTECH 4 FW 0475 EU version is unlocked and you can use it online
FW 0378 must disconnect the Internet when using FGTECH 4 0475.
Part 3: New vehicles & ECUs coverage
Fgtech 4 firmware 0475 has a much better compatibility of vehicles, ECUs and protocols!
Highlight: You will have good lick with Tricore on Fgtech 0475!
New vehicles and ECUs list:
OBD driver SSang-yong Del-phy DCM3.7 Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver for Fer-rari 458 Italia MED9.6 Ecu Master and ECU Slave Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver for Fi-at/Al-fa/Lan-cia Twi-nair/Mult-iair 8GMF and 8GSF Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver for Ma-zda 5, Ma-zda 6 2.0 Diesel ECU RF8x Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver for Ma-zda 5, Ma-zda 6 2.0 Diesel ECU RF7x Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver for Sim-os 10.xx VA-G 1.2 TSI Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver for CRD 3.xx Merc-edes 2200 CDI Read/Write, Checksum
Simos PCR2.1 VA-G 1.6 TDI Unlock Boot Tool – Read/Write EEPROM
OBD driver Sim-os PCR2.1 VA-G 1.6 TDI Read/Write, Checksum
RSA recognition Peu-geot Bip-per
RSA recognition Citr-oen Ne-mo
OBD driver Driver for writing Bo-sch EDC16C34/5 Peu-geot Bip-per Read/Write, Checksum
OBD drive Driver for writing Bo-sch EDC16C34/5 Citr-oen Ne-mo  Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver Del-phi DCM3.5 for Ta-ta Sa-fari  Read/Write, Checksum
Checksum recognition for DCM3.7 Ssan-gyong
Checksum recognition for DCM3.7 Op-el and Sa-ab
Checksum recognition for DCM3.7 Ki-a  and Hyu-ndai
Boot Visteon ST10F275 RX-TX Mode
Boot ME7.9.10 ST10F275 RX-TX Mode
Checksum recognition for Denso Sub-aru Tri-beca
Boot Mitsu-bishi MH7203 Hyu-ndai
Checksum recognition for Denso Nis-san L200
Checksum recognition for Denso Nis-san X-Trail
OBD driver Op-el Simtec75 CAN  Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver  Pors-che SDI3 CAN  Read/Write, Checksum
Cor-vette Utility CAN for change VIN, Code Align, Erase Errors
Corette Utility VPN for change VIN, Code Align, Erase Errors
OBD driver Reault SID305 CAN  Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver Masrati ME9 CAN  Read/Write, Checksum
Tool Boot Hitaci Phase 3
Tool Boot Hitaci Phase 2
OBD driver Fi-at ME17.31 CAN  Read/Write, Checksum
Boot Mits-ubishi for L200 MH8102F
Boot Mitsu-bishi for Lan-cer EVO MH7202
Fi-at MJ8DF CAN Serial Injectors
Fi-at MJ8DF CAN Serial Injectors
OBD driver Fi-at MJ8DF CAN Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver Fi-at MJ8DF K-line Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver Merc-edes Del-phi CRD2.xx CAN Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver Fo-rd Del-phi DCM3.5 CAN Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver PS-A Delp-hi DCM3.5 CAN  Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 3xx Boot mode 29F400 C167 Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 9.1 Boot mode 29F400 C167 Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 7.1 Boot mode 29F400 C167 Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 33 K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 32 K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 3PG K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 3PE K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 3PD K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 3PC K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 3PA K-line serial Read/Write, Checksum
OBD driver VA-G Sim-os 9.1 K-line Read/Write, Checksum
New password Triore Tprot V08-10
OBD driver Ren-ault Val-eo V40, Read/Write, Checksum
AUD Renesas
Boot Renesas
 1.Freescale MPC 5553/5554/5565/5566 NEXSUS PORT New IAW MJD 8F2 – Mair 8GMF
2.New Delphy DCM3.5xx DCM3.7xx TRW
3.MOT Free scale MPC 555/556/561/562/563/564/565
4.MOT MC 68332 – MC YQQCU – MC 68377 Trionic 5/7/8 For GM- For OPEL- For SAAB
5.MOT MC 68376 Campi 01 for Lamborghini – Lotus
6.MOT MC 68336 MEMS D5
7.MOT ZC 439615 – ZC 439507 IAW For FIAT – VAG
8.New Line OBD protocols VPM for GM Hummer-Corvette-Munstang-Blazer-Cadilac
9.New Line OBD protocols Tx-Rx – for Subaru – For Mitsubischi – For Hitachi – For Denso ecu
10.All EDC17 MED17 is good always modify with Boot Mode
Part 4: Security – Tested!
Fgtech v54 fw 0475 is tested by not only engineers but a lot of real customers.
stable and easy to use,100% workable“, said one of customers off
1.) EDC16U34 (03G 906 021 PD) via obd2 r/w caddy 2010 1.9tdi
2.) Z10XE Opel Corsa 1.0 (ME1.5.5) on the bench r/w
3.) Z18XE Opel Zafira Simtec 90 71.1 r/w (24kb file!!!) on the bench
4.) Fiat Stilo 1.6 16v 2001y ecu 5NF.T1 via OBD2, on the bench via K line r/w
5.) Land Rover 2.0 td4 diesel DDE4 Bosch r/w via OBD2
6.) EDC16U1 r/w via OBD2 Touran 1.9TDi, Seat Altea 1.9 tdi
7.) Delphy DCM3.4 Pezo 308 2.0 HDi 2007 via OBD2 (W not tested, just R)
8.) EDC16C3 via OBD2 ok, full BDM on the bench r/w (grand vitara 1.9DDiS, 2007)
9.) EDC15 PD 1.9 passat via OBD2 r/w
10.) EDC15C2 Peugeot 406 restyl 2.0 HDI 2004 via OBD2 r/w
11.) EDC15C7 r/w via OBD2 Fiat Marea 1.9 JTD 2002god
12.) EDC17CP14 Audi A4 2.0 tdi 2009y (03L 906 019 AL, 03L 906 022 KC) r/w on the bench boot
13.) Sagem S3000 on the bench read Jtag renesans
14.) Astra G via obd read Delco 1.7 isuzu
15)This is a very nice version without all the hassle others typically have. Works fine with 0475 tool in Windows 7 x64.
16)Work very well Sp3 , I have Dell D530 Windovs XP 3 working O.K
Test with images can be found at


Clone Mongoose Cable SP116 SP205/-B Review and Difference

dave1987 | 19 January, 2019 04:32


What’s the main difference of JLR Mangoose SDD cable SP116 SP205 SP205-B and is it good to have a cloned unit?
What is SP116 and SP205SP205-b?
The supplier numbers of the different Mangoose versions.
For the manufacturer codes
SP116 means Mongoose
SP205 means Mongoose Pro (-B I guess is just a revision)
I have been using the Mongoose clones for years.
Supplier was I am using JLR 130 and 134 on a designated 8,9″ Netbook and that’s absolutely sufficient.
I bought all around 10 adapters from them to also provide friends with that functionality. each of them worked fine so far.
I have used them so far on my X308 (2001), on a X308 (1997), X100 (1999), X350 (2005), X400 (2001). So far they never failed.
I have been screening DTCs but also programmed keys out of and into the safety module in a X308 and a X400. Even new keys could be programmed into a X400 so far. I will try this with my X308 this year too.
I also added a new instrument cluster (odometer) into a X400 when it had been immobilized by the change of the odometer.
All of this had been done in the JLR 130 in XP Pro SP3 on a Acer Netbook.
For me it makes more sense to have a “handy” device for fault detection and/or programming.
But this, of course, is up to everyone himself and it could be from 8,9″ to 14″ as I tested here:
 I once opened both – the original Mongoose Pro and the clone.
From the components being used there was no difference – might just be the programming.

But you have always to be aware what you are doing there.
Writing code into control modules is always a risk – power loss, loosened plugs. Always double check your arrangement.
Best regards


BMW E F Scanner V2018.12 Driver Installation Tips

dave1987 | 18 January, 2019 03:29


The latest and most stable software version of BMW E/F Scanner goes to V2018.12.  Here provides software download for free.
Free Download 2018.12 BMW E/F Scanner driver, software and manual 
File including


Software version: BMW-Explorer V 18.12.03
Added new versions of  SWFL for FEM/BDC and DME/DDE
Fixed programming FEM/BDC/EGS/DME/DDE
Operating system: Windows 7 – Windows 10
Language: Russian /English
Function: Full version supports BMW Diagnosis + IMMO key programming + Mileage Correction + Coding
Full Version Feature:
1.Basic features module
3. E-series Coding module
3.E-series CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+  mileage Reset
4.E-series keyprog module
5.FEM/BDC mileage module
6.F-series mileage correction module
7. FLASH calibration READ/WRITE calibrations for F and G series models
8. ISN reset for F-series HP8 gearbox
9. FEM/BDC keyprog module
10. ISN MSx8x (SIEMENS) for BMW
11. F-Coding module
12. Tricore module for BMW
13. CAS4 CAS4+ F-series keyprog module with F-ISN

How to install BMW E/F Scanner V2018.12 driver?
Select the computer, and then right-click, select Manger
Open  Device Manager
Quickly we click two times on USB Serial Port
We choose the bookmark Driver and we press on Update Driver
Further we choose Browse my computer for driver software and we press the Browse button
Further we Choose a directory where there are drivers for the adapter (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\BMW_Explorer\Drivers\FTD2XX)

After the choice of drivers we press Next
We wait for the end of installation of the driver and we press Close
After successful installation we will see the Adapter (USB Serial Port COMXX) in Device Manager


How to make Subaru SSM4 work with Nexiq2 OEM?

dave1987 | 17 January, 2019 03:11


Here’s the modified dll file for Nexiq2. It’s already been renamed so leave the name unchanged. You copy it and overwrite the original file in :
Windows x86 : C:/Program Files/DST-i/Drivers/
Windows x64 : C:/Program Files(X86)/DST-i/Drivers/
After that, Nexiq2 will show up in the list of multiplexers-make sure you choose Nexiq Usb Link 2 USB and the pass-thru option anytime SSM4 asks you. I highly recommend you ONLY use the USB option and avoid Bluetooth and WIFI , especially when flashing.
(Credit to malandro)
Nexiq2 SSM4 Driver!AtMnDYQS!ME_gWBQfIXnCyN5JiNkon955sAbPGeyHIxy8CVFXzrs
Nexiq SSM4 images:


This is for your information.
Nexiq2 the original ones have chips in the cables. It will only work with the original cables. The Nexiq2 clone is in fact a nexiq1 inside in a case that looks like Nexiq2. Nexiq1 cables will not work with Nexiq2. The Chinese nexiq cables will not work with the original Nexiq2. Also if you update a nexiq clone over the internet it will fry it and render it useless
Very important:
Everything here software is aimed for share only!
You will take a risk to try any link above with the device you have.
If something bad happens to you, will say sorry but hold no responsibility!
Think twice before you decide to download app and go to a test!
If you have a Nexiq 2 clone, you’re advised not to do so.
Nexiq 2 clone is tested with software comes with itself.
Look here: sw tested successfully with the cloned unit
*  Allison: Tested & Worked!
*  Bendix Tested & Worked!
*  Detroit Diesel DDDL 7.05: Tested & Worked!
*  Detroit Diesel DDCT: Tested & Worked!
*  Detroit Diesel Calibration Tool: Tested & Worked!
*  Eaton Service Ranger 3.2: Tested & Worked!
*  International DLB: Tested & Worked!
*  International ICAP, IPTS, NETS, IPC: Tested & Worked!
*  International Master Diagnostic: Tested & Worked!
*  Meritor and Wabco Diagnostics: Tested & Worked!
*  Cummins Insite 7.5: Tested & Worked!
*  Hino 2.0.2.: Tested & Worked!
*  Caterpillar Tested & Worked!
*  Perkins EST 2010B: Tested & Worked!
*  V Macks 2.6.12: Tested & Worked!
*  V Macks Dealer Pro: Tested & Worked!
*  Volvo VCADS 2.35.10: Tested & Worked!
*  Toyota Techstream Tested & Worked!
Good Luck !


Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.7.25 installation

dave1987 | 16 January, 2019 04:03


Here's the newer version Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.7.xx (i.e 2.7.25) software installation guide. 
Credit to mcusys.
PTT 2.7 Installation Instruction
1).Prepare Windows 7 or Windows 8 , 10 x64  and update windows complete.
2).Extract or mount  image file Volvo PTT 2.7  ISO  bundle  installer. 
3).Run Tech Tool Installer.exe
4) Insert user validation Client ID : 123456 
User ID : m303773   Pass : 123456
5).Select manual client update notifications , wait for installation when after installation finish do not restart PC if when installation finish system forced restart windows you can restart it.
6).Open folder DeveloperPackage and install developerpackage file and patch.
7).Setting folder option show hide folder and uncheck hide extension for know file types.
8).Open folder C:\ProgramData\Tech Tools\Waf remove DtR and OtD folder.
9).Open folder and extract APCI+.rar and copy to C:\ProgramData\Tech Tools\Waf with DtR and OtD
10).Open Folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Client Update\Console\ and rename extension file CLUPconsole.exe to other extention not exe it.
11).Open folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\ApciPlus\ and rename extention apcidb.dll to other extention.
12).Copy APCIdb.dll to C:\Program Files(x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\ApciPlus\ and restart windows.
13).Extract PTT 2.7Full.rar to C:\TechToolLicenseEditor.
14).Run Get_HW_ID.exe and generated ID and open KG_Act for PTT 2.7 license activator and run KG_Act and insert HW_ID and put name and customer and WLGen_Techtools License manager and copy regkey.dat to TechToolLicenseEditor folder . 
15).Open TechToolLicenseEditor folder and Run Administrator Run.bat for PTT 2.7 activator.
16).Open KG_Dev for activator for PTT developer tools
17).Service and Keygen running edit First name and last name and select user type as developer.
18).Click "Create DB with new key" if you will get error sync ID populate error just start and close PTT.
19).Recreated "Create DB with new key" and "Patch Login" 
20).Open PTT 2.7 and login User ID : XX78911 and close PTT 2.7 
21).Right Click 2.7reg.reg and Merge.
22).Open PTT 2.7 and Checking about PTT 2.7 you will see developer database.
Enjoy for used PTT 2.7.
Volvo PTT 2.7 FULL development Package:
1.Techtool 2.7.xx(25) Development online installation
2.Developer tool Professional 2018
3.DTC Error info for acpi+ for version 3/4
4.ACPI PLUS latest update


This is for your information.
It’s a bit difficult to install PTT, esp. for newbies.
You can try to install PTT with the how-to’s above, but no one hold any responsibility of what you’ll try. You’re taking risks of any setup.
If you are not good with software installation on a laptop or have no idea of installation, please go to to get help from professionals.
But before this please confirm your program Volvo Tech Tool 2.7.25 has no issues.
Forget it if you get Tech Tool for free on the web, somewhere like forums. It usually has problems such as activation, installation or expiration.
If so, obdii365 cannot provide tech support for you.
Make sure your laptop meet the following requirements before you’re gonna to get  remote help of Tech Tool installation from experts.




Lonsdor K518ISE Program Key for Opel Astra J 2015

dave1987 | 15 January, 2019 04:20


New test report: successfully added a remote key on a Opel Astra J 2015 using Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer.
Note: Pin code is required. You can also read pin with Lonsdor.
Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD socket
Select Immobilizer->Opel->IMMO->Astra->Astra J->2010-2016->Immobilizer






Read key number
Turn on ignition switch
K518 identified current number of keys: 2
Select Add key function
Close all doors and turn on ignition switch
Lonsdor K518 required to enter 4-digit PIN and confirm
Configuring system,wait for 10 minutes
Turn ignition off and remove key
Insert key to be programmed and turn on ignition
Configuring system
Turn off ignition and remove key
Open and close driver door, make sure all the electrical appliances are off
Turn on ignition switch
Program successful
Turn off ignition and remove key
Open and close driver door, make sure all the electrical appliances are off
Configuring system,wait for 45 seconds
Turn ignition to ON position
Turn off ignition
Turn on ignition switch again
Program completed
Test remote

Start engine


How to use Vgate iCar2 for BMW X1 F48 coding?

dave1987 | 10 January, 2019 02:55


Here I have something want to share with you guys, about BMW hidden features esp. X1 F48 coding at the lowest price. 20 usd (a vgate icar 2 adapter) helps me with all coding.
Enabling hidden features at the consumer level is mainly meant to improve Comfort / Convenience and maybe, to activate a few other cool stuff. It is important that the engine / drivetrain parameters are left untouched unless one is trained to do so. It is prudence to limit Coding only to activate the important features that make our life easy on the day to day basis and not to keep meddling with it on a regular basis. As we are just changing the status of the stock features, the changes made are only over-written in the registry. Coding as we do with the BimmerCode does not add lines to the programme and therefore, the checksum or the coding registration should not change. This is similar to selecting options from the iDrive Infotainment system, except that they are not directly accessible.
Hardware remains the same without any changes; it is only that their default status change and that anyway can be altered by the user ON-THE-GO. There is no way this can have any adverse effect on the car as a whole and therefore, denying warranty is not justifiable. However, preserving a copy of the stock setup file can prove invaluable at times.
The App allows coding of BMW cars and has 2 stages; the first being the simple / straight forward one, which covers the most common features, that too in English. This is sufficient for most purpose. The second being an advanced one, needs in-depth knowledge and unfortunately is in German language; therefore, best avoided unless one can understand German language and knows exactly what he /she is up to. The app saves a copy of the log file every time it scans. This can be exported to an iMac through iTunes for later use.
It is a good practice to check error logs through BimmerLink before attempting any changes. This can serve as a reference for future too. It is important to keep the slate clean after every session and therefore, investing on both BimmerCode and BimmerLink makes sense; BimmerCode is used to make changes to the default status of the features and BimmerLink is used to check / clear errors if any.
It is good to turn-on Airplane mode and enable only Wi-Fi connection before starting the activity. This will avoid any calls / messages interrupting the activity itself which can stall communication.
It is recommended to keep the Engine off with the ignition turned-on during the activity. As the modules are reset after applying the changes to the registry, the engine will be turned off. This can create a tense situation un-necessarily.
As the modules are reset during the process, there can be communication drop between modules which can throw-up errors. These errors are automatically erased during the end stages of coding. However, after the coding activity, it is good to manually check for errors through BimmerLink and erase them if needed.
It is best to code features pertaining to one module at a time and verify the results before attempting another module. Some modules which are a combination of analog and digital components will be slower in communication. Therefore, for modules such as Infotainment system, Speedo-Combo, etc. slow communication needs to be selected under settings.
App can be downloaded for free and verified in the Demo mode before purchasing / unlocking the same for coding. Quick start guide and FAQ including the list of supported cars and the options available are all available within the app too.
Make sure that the Mobile battery is fully charged and plan ahead to complete the coding activity within 15-20 minutes so that the car battery does not drain. It is a good practice to keep all accessories switched off during the activity.



A must have for reading and clearing errors. I would not recommend coding without having this app, as it is very important to clear errors if any, after the activity. This will also help as a future reference. The app also has features to display sensor values, control exhaust flap, along with the provision to have required parameters to be displayed as a dashboard. I am yet to check these features as everything is in German; will update as and when I figure out something!
Vgate iCar2 Wifi OBD2 adapter:
It was available with me came in handy. I downloaded both BimmerCode and BimmerLink apps from Apple Store for approximately Rs.2100 each. Wi-Fi dongle worked fine with communication speed similar to that I have experienced with the VCDS.
Vgate iCar2 Wifi OBD2 adapter:
BimmerCode & BimmerLink:
But honestly, I miss VCDS; wish Ross-Tech had their product covered for BMW too.
Features that I could successfully code:
1. Auto Start/Stop system OFF by default
2. Auto fold/unfold ORVM with lock/unlock
Indian variant X1 F48 does not have the hardware pertaining to the front passenger seat belt reminder!! Therefore this non-existing feature can-not be activated!! Crap!!
Of-late, BMW has hard-coded lane change indicator cycle selector. Therefore this can-not be accessed for coding. Choice through Infotainment system is only between 1 and 3 cycles.
Auto Handbrake activation is not possible through BimmerCode. Have to try my luck elsewhere. I read somewhere on the net that this is possible through E-Sys.
I will be glad to support fellow BHPians in Bangalore to activate these features if they need / interested. It will be nice if someone has Carly or the E-Sys in Bangalore, so that they can be compared. Maybe, they can activate a couple of things that the BimmerCode couldn’t.
Thanks for reading!


Fgtech V54 0475 Write Renault Megane Sirius 32 ECU

dave1987 | 07 January, 2019 03:23

Fgtech galletto v54 new fw0475 master clone has been tested to read and write Renault Megane Siemens Sirius 32 ecu without issue.

Set up Fgtech v54 software


Select  Car->Renault->Megane ->1.4/1.6/2.0 16V Sirius  32
Siemens Sirius 32 Renault K-line read and write


Read ECU data

Save ECU data

Open ECU data just saved

Writing ECU

If fgtech 0475 prompts Checksum not supported, press YES to continue

Writing ecu in progress

Turn the dashboard off and back on. Then wait for
10 sec before continuing

Fgtech V54 write Renault Sirius 32 ECU success


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